My name is Myko aka MyVe, I’m a dutch sub slayer for Machine soldiers and look forward to some great performances under their brand at both online and offline events.



My name is Mashal also known as Destroy, I’m an AR player for Machine Soldiers. Really happy to be playing under this org. Hope to do great things in this team.


Hi there! My name is Roy aka Reezy. I’m a dutch cod player for Machine Soldiers. I’m an AR player and hope to do great things under Machine Soldiers.


I'm Denise Helena B also known as denieess_x. I'll be the AR for this season. I have one motto: become, achieve, grow!

I’m a Dutch Call of Duty player and I’ve competed at multiple LAN events across multiple titles. I’m a fast sub player for the roster and look forward to competing in online leagues and at live events under Machine Soldiers.