My name is Tim Pokornowski, I am from the lovely state of Minnesota this is my first year ever competing competitively in a Call of Duty. I have a lot of snd experience and my duo is piqin. I love being aggressive and killing everything I see while I’m playing the game I love.


My name is Pedro “Piqin” Aranda and I’m the flex for the team. I’ve been playing call of duty for many years. I’ve never taken any cod serious until this one and with every esport growing enormously, I don’t think I could’ve taken a better time to do it. Excited to see what’s next for this team and hopefully make it far with these guys.


My name is “streakz” I am 18 years old from California. I have longer than 2 years worth of experience in Esports . Proud sub / sniper for Machine Soldiers NA CoD Team


This is my first competitive call of duty but I’ve been playing since about black ops 1. I’m a sub machine gun for machine soldiers. Outside of call of Duty I love to fish, spend time with friends and family, and I’m going to college for law enforcement.






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Machine Soldiers Esports is a UK based gaming organisation. It was founded by John Kavanagh in October 2017.  We play competitively in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Valorant and Call of Duty. We play in online competitions as well as lans

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