Hi, I’m Ryan “Galeon” Baynton. I am the captain of the call of duty team I have been playing on and off since IW. I’m the main sub player on the team.

Experienced LAN player having been to three in the last year. I played in CWL London for Machine Soldiers, we had a great time at the event.


Hi I am Bakes!  I love Call of Duty and have been havign a good season so far, where I got thr chance to play at CWL London for Machine Soldiers. I have been to a few lans and have been devloping my confidence at each one. I can't wait to go to my next one.



I am an experienced Call of duty player, where I have played many onlinbe tournaments as well as LANs. I enjoy competitive play and look forward to all the games I will be playing under Machines Soldiers.

Hi my name is Staf Wittebolle also known as Gadge. Im a sub player for the Call of Duty roster and im proud to represent the Machine Soldiers Esports.


I am an 18 year old call of duty player attending LAN events and streaming as much as possible. Please go drop a follow on my twitter to keep up to date on streams. All donations will go to bettering the equipment to my stream for your enjoyment.

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