Thor ''Graff'' Lindström

Thor is the second entry/rifler. He is an aspiring player with a dream that is shared with many others, to become the best player in the world. He started playing CS:S at his friends house whenever he could and would spend countless hours as a kid watching his brother play both 1.6 and CS:S. He bought his first very own copy of CS:GO late 2013 when his friends convinced him and the game was fortunately on sale. To this day many years after being introduced to the game and over 2500 hours of active gametime he feels that he is closer than ever to his dream even if the goal is far away. 

Albin ''Clearso'' Almgren

Clearso is the lurker of the team. He started playing CS:GO late 2013 when his brother bought him the game, and so far he has over 5000 hours of playtime in CS:GO. He is a balanced player who likes to be unpredictable and he is a passionate guy who tries to make his team as good as possible.

Jacob "Raven" Lodin

Hey i've been playing csgo for around 5 Years and for the last 2 years i've been an igl for a period of time aswell. I am looking forward to playing at LAN for Machine Soldiers.

Hey, I am 17 and I have been playing CSGO regularly with a B+ ranking in ESEA.  I live in Sweden and am looking to improve and develop with Machine Soldiers. My aim is to build on our recent tournament win to help the organisation grow.

Olle ''Mahki'' Johansson

Mahki is a CS:GO player from Sweden. He got innto CS:GO about 3 years ago. He's the AWPer and semi rifler for the team. He first started playing CS because of his brother who inspired him to play in his young days. P.S. He's also one of the few CS:GO players who play with invert mouse.