My name is Samuel "sLice" Lindgren i have 6.2k hours on csgo
im taking csgo 100% and want to be the best one in the world.
i know that me and my boys will show what we can do!

My name is Max ''XAM'' Wahlstedt i have 4500 k hours on the game
i have a big love for the game hence my hours one day im gonna become a big name in the cs:go 
industry since i practice my aim alot and my ability to communicate. and im a lurker.


My name is Liam "LimpaNnN" Karlström i have 4100k hours
I would call me a potential talented player from Sweden,
me and my teammates take this very seriously, 
we spend a lot time playing and practice together and think we can come very long

My name is Adam 'skeight' Karlsson i have 6547k hours 2599elo on faceit
describe me with one word "Pang"


My name is Jim "Picky" Andersson i have 4050k hours im a awper i have
big love for the game and always gives 100% to win.  I have high goals in my career and takes cs verry seriously.  I think I have a big potential to become a big name in the scene.