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I own and run Machine Soldiers Esports with a number very helpful staff, players and community members.  My aim is to grow Machine Soldiers Esports in a number of games competitively and as a community both on PC and consoles. I have worked with many teams from various games to try and help them to succeed both on PC anbd PS4. We have had success at LAN in Sweden the UK and the USA.


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Dezmond is the team captain and he is your guy if you want to arrange a match/ scrim. He is new to the Dirty Bomb game but has been progressing really well gaining as much experience as possible before the new ranked season takes place. He is a very skilful player and has played competitively in a number of games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive.

$ubzero - Captain

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Hi, I am new in the MSE clan/group, as part of the new Dirty Bomb squad.I do have quite some experience in FPS games, mostly Enemy Territory.

I have been in 2 clans there over 9 years, and have played some competitive on there. I love playing together with other people and getting better and practise with them to get some nice competitive matches on.


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​Nyx is a very talented Dirty Bomb Player, he has good team play and is a welcome addition to the team. We are hoping that he becomes a key member of the team in the coming months as he has shown that he as all the attributes to be successful in the team.


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​PSUH is an excellent player having reached cobalt in the main Dirty Bomb ranked season 4. We are hoping that he continues his great form with us in the coming season. He has excellent game sense and will be an excellent addition to the team.