Kemzy -  Captain 

Hi im a Fortnite player under MachineSoldiers and I stream on twitch and my twitch is KemzyT also my name is Kane.


I have been with Machine Soldiers over a year and have enjoyed my time here. I am in a duo with Kemzy and we are playing in many different online tournaments like CMG and EEG. I am looking to improve and get more wins with Machine Soldiers Esports

I ahve been playing Fortnite since day 1. i really enjoy the game and I am a duo partner with Evade on PS4. We have been playing together for a while and have won quite a few online cups. I am looking forward to getting mroe wins!


I am an experienced player in Fortnite having competed in each season. I have played many online comps winning a number of events in cross play tournaments like in CMG. I enjoy gaming and am looking to compete in more tournaments with Machine Soldiers.