We have been a team for a long time now and we now think we are ready to start winning as we have beat good teams very easily and we have a lot of chemistry which makes us 10x better than other teams.



I have been competing since the start of Gears of war 4 all I want in this team is to be successful we have the chemistry and slaying power that’s what makes us unstoppable we have beat good teams and hope to continue beating good teams and hope to win up coming events


As a team we have the upmost confidence in one another. We have raw skill and incredible slaying power in every position and our team fire is unmatched. All we want as a team is to be successful and to perform consistently and impress at all tournaments

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I have played gears for over 5 years now, and my focus on this game is to constantly improve myself. My goal is to become one of the best gears player on the game but also to start being a twitch streamer. My teammates in gears share similar interest in being the best team and we are constantly improving day by day with constructive criticism and the help of past broadcasts to go over things which has shown to help a lot. Lastly we all aspire to be the best and in time we will be as every person in my team brings some unique which will lead it into success.


The team is looking really good and promising for the future, when we all play our own game we dominate teams. We practice most days of the week and each day the chemistry gets stronger, we’re all good friends in game and out of game which only makes us play better. We’re all looking forward to rep Machine Soldiers Esports at future lan events, good things are coming. - Rexr