My name is Carl aka Virtualolson. I am a 17 year old high schooler in the United States. I play rugby, video games, and cello in my free time. I started playing ironsight 5 months ago and I competitively played Rainbow Six Siege in the past. I was previously part of 2 Esports organizations, TwistedWays and Team Revenge, and for both organizations I was an ironsight team substitute player.

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Virtualolson - Captain

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My name is Sherif aka Arts I'm an 18 year old computer science student living in Egypt i speak 2 languages Arabic and English I started playing Ironsight about 4 months ago before that i played csgo for a good 3 years casually never went into anything competitive.


My name is Jacob AKA DangerNoodle im 17 and live in the United States thats really it.


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My name is Chris Williams aka Lethal I live in Houston, Texas and i’m a Computer Information Systems major at the University of Houston, i’m also on their track team. I have been playing ironsight for about 6 or 7 months. Before I played Ironsight I was into Rocket League and Brawlhalla.


My name is Brandon. I live in the United States. Welder and Fabricator for mining equipment.

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My name is Logan aka psgfan187 I'm a 17 year old high schooler in the United States. I play soccer and video games as hobbies. I started playing ironsight 3 months and never played competitively in any other games before this.

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StayCranked - IGL

Ayee, My name is Joshua, or better known as (StayCranked). I am 19 yrs old, and starting college/work very soon. I'm a very creative IGL for Ironsight, and Former IGL for various of games such as Cod bo2, bo4, League of Legends, and some other small shooters. I've been into many Novice tourneys since Black Ops 2, and I've been playing competitively since then. I'm a very open-minded person when it comes to possibilities, and a listener, and take risks where there's rewards!


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Salut! I’m Llama the youngest, best and only scope NA. I’ve been playing IronSight since march and since then I’ve been admin on both IPL and FORGET Pug servers. Oh I’m canadian too