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i'm pleb, by name and nature, and i'm the igl for our r6s team. I've been playing r6s competitive for a 2 year. i look forward to seeing where i can go in the future and have hopes of winning many community leagues in the present such as siegeplay, leverage league, esa and go4's

I'm Ap0ph1s and am a hard breach and support player for our R6S team. I have been playing Siege for 3 years and have been playing competitively for nearly a year. I am looking forward to participating and hopefully winning many community leagues, such as SiegePlay, Leverage League, GO4s and more

My name is Sebastian 'panda' Lyngby and i'm the entry fragger for our r6s roster, i see myself as an energetic player and keep the team mentality high. Apo is my eyes and without him i wouldn't be able to be a nutter. I look forward to challenging for first place in many T3 tournaments and hope to go high in the future.

My name is Hans "Miang" Im a Danish R6S player, 17 years old. I started playing siege in the closed beta, and still play to this day. My role on the team is a supportive role, I am very invested in my team and my gameplay. I am very hard to tilt, so Im a great player to have on the team as I can calm the team and get the job done. Im looking forward to playing for MSE and winning.

My name is Oliver "Dynenapper" Holmgren, I play Rainbow Six Siege because of the friends I've gotten from it and because I'm apparently good at it, I have over 1500 hours in it (but never been diamond lol?). I'm second IGL or shout caller . I'm dyslexic.