I'm kaiju. I've been playing FPS since I was 6 and siege since I was 10 , I am the entry Fragger / Roamer / Hard carry for the team.

I'm Heby i been playing siege since Skull Rain on ps4 and switched to pc in Para Bellum, I'm the support player in the team

Yo, im matthew 'Lykos' Farrow , im 16 and the hard support, my team need me to win but im also a bit of the lone wolf being the hard support but it suits me. i keep the team calm and collected as try to guide them through the match

I'm Road. I've been playing games since I was around 6 years old. My dad had an old Xbox 360 where i played COD MW2 campaign, over and over again. Once I found multiplayer I asked my mum to buy me COD BO2 and BO1. Which I played over and over again. This grew my love for gaming. When the PS4 came out, I got it with a friend. We both started playing games like GTA V, CODs . And when I was 9, a friend showed me R6S. I enjoyed it and it seemed like a cool tactical game. It was different to the other FPS games I was playing. So I got it. I started playing casually until around Velvet Shell on PS4. Where then I took ranked seriously. Once I got a PC when I was 12. Which then I found ESL.

I'm Wilson I've been playing FPS since I was 12 and siege since I was 14 , I am the support for the team