Hey! My names Cojay, I'm the captain for the MSE Valorant team. I've previously been the captain for the MSE Ironsight team a couple years back. I started PC gaming as a MMO warrior playing for some large guilds back in WoW, then I moved onto games like CS:GO and Overwatch. I feel as the team has what it takes to do very well in the future of Valorant and I'm here to help guide them to their goal.

I am 18, born and raised in Scotland. At the moment I am studying Mechanical Engineering at University (2nd year).  Currently playing the fragger/awper role within the MachineSoldiers VALORANT team. I am looking to grow my skill and 
become an up and coming pro within VALORANT. I use my current time off to focus on improving mechanics and gamesense, alongside growing and developing my Twitch and Youtube channel. 

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My name is Dean Jenkins I'm 17 years old. I've been playing games since i was about 10 on console, I moved to PC 1 and a half years ago. I started playing Rainbow Six Siege  first  and slowly got more competitive. Valorant will be the first competitive game I take seriously and hope to grow with the Team and Org for the future!


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Machine Soldiers Esports is a UK based gaming organisation. It was founded by John Kavanagh in October 2017.  We play competitively in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Valorant and Call of Duty. We play in online competitions as well as lans

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