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My name is Lea, I'm 21 years old and i go by Chanti. I come from a gamer family, so they appreciate me having no life. I started playing on Playstation 1, and then later got into PC gaming. I played CS with a few different teams and now I'm trying my best in Valorant while hoping that the competitive scene gets large.


hi! im Jennifer but go by jenn. im 19 years old and have been playing games such as COD since a young age on console. I've been playing on PC since 2017 and have mostly played FPS games like CS:GO and Overwatch. I cant wait to see what becomes of this game in the competitive scene.


My name is Victoria and I am 22 years old. I have played the OG Nintendo games since I was young. Team Fortress 2 is my first FPS game which has led to me to CS:GO where I have 6000+ hours from 2014. I have played previous female tournaments for CS:GO which has driven me competitively to join this esports team.


Hi! My name is Daniela, but I go by Jupi in game. I am 23 years old and I started playing games at a young age.  I have over 5 years experience in eSports, competing in games such as Call of Duty and CS:GO. I'm excited to compete with this team and see what the future brings


My name's Morgan Ashurst, I;m 24 years old and I have been involved within the esports industry over the past 9 years. I started off playing competitively in Call of Duty where I eventually gained myself the title of Europes best female Call of Duty player. After a while I stopped competing on this title and focused predominantly on my career (Marketing Manager @ British Esports Association). I'm excited to start competing again in another FPS title alongside some other talented female players.

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Machine Soldiers Esports is a UK based gaming organisation. It was founded by John Kavanagh in October 2017.  We play competitively in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Valorant and Call of Duty. We play in online competitions as well as lans

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